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Bicycle: Category 1-5

Taiwan is not only the largest producer of bicycles in the world, but is also an excellent destination for those who want to tour or race. With a coastline of 1,566km and numerous high mountain roads it is a Mecca for cyclists. With a mild winter, it is possible to ride all year round however it gets pretty hot in the summer and you should be mindful of the typhoon season from July – September.

The bicycle trips can be divided into 4  groups depending on the kind of cycling you want to do i.e. off-road MTB, touring fully-loaded with camping gear, semi-loaded staying indoors and zero loading with a support vehicle. The first three can be arranged at short notice, but a support vehicle will take extra time. In Taiwan your bike can be sent to any train station usually within 24 hours and the price is reasonable, approx’ half the price of an adult ticket. You can carry your bike on the train with you, but it must be in a bag. Some, but not all, bus companies will allow you to put your bike in the luggage compartment. If you have a folding bike you can carry it with you on any transport, but on the train and High Speed Rail (THSR) it must be in a bag.

  Our MTB trips are mostly one day where you can return on the same evening. You can stay out for an extra day of riding or we can organize other activities on the second day. There is also a huge difference in the level of difficulty associated with loading and the time the ride is going to take on a touring trip. Adding an extra day to any trip is going to make it much more accessible to those who are less proficient in the saddle. Below we have tried to include as much information about the rides as possible to help you decide how you want to do it, including distance, max’ altitude and minimum time required. Send us any questions you have if you are unsure about what you may be up against.


Tour of Taiwan: Distance 1,000 – 1,400km Min. 10 days Category 3 - 4


North Cross-Island Highway: (Bei Heng) Distance 150km, Altitude 1,700m, Min’ time 1 Day    Cat’ 4, 2 Days Cat’ 3


North Coast Loop: Distance 400km Min’ time 3 Days (4 Days recommended) Category 3 - 4


The New Central Cross Island (Sun Moon Lake to Chia Yi)


North Spine and Central Cross Island: Category 4 (Darcy)


Central Cross Island Highway: Hualien to Tainan Cat’ 4 Distance 340km Min’ 3 days


South Cross Island 500 Loop


South-Coast Loop


Jin Swei Yin MTB (single-track downhill), One-day Hike (down), or Midnight Nature Walk (up)




One-day county tours and half/full day city cycling and walking tours all over the island.


Touring Bikes for Rent. D.I.Y. Cycling Tour