Blue Skies Adventures

Bicycle: Category 1-5

Central Cross Island Highway:

Hualien to Tainan Cat’ 4 Distance 340km Min’ 3 days


This is by far the toughest ride since it has the greatest altitude gain, but for some that is precisely why you want to do it. There is an ongoing discussion with cyclists in Taiwan on which is better, east to west or west to east on the central and southern cross-island roads? A topographical view of the island will show you that the central mountains lean to the east, this makes the ascent from the east steeper. Regardless of your approach you cannot avoid the fact that on this trip you will have to climb from sea level to Wu Ling, 3,275m (approx’ 10,000ft) The ride takes you from the picturesque east coast city of Hualien, through Taroko Gorge, the island’s premier tourist location (see also Taroko Gorge Marathon) past He Huan Mt. on the islands’ highest mountain road, down to Sun Moon Lake, another top tourist spot (see also Sun Moon Lake Mass Swim) and on to a choice of west coast destinations. And to answer that initial question – do it both ways and then decide for yourself.


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