Blue Skies Adventures


Bicycle Races, Randonneurs, Marathons, Long-distance Swims, Rafting and Triathlons. There are races held in different parts of the island every week.


Every month we will send out an e-mail message for races that we are partaking in, as well as your sign up we can also arrange transport and accommodation. It is important that you pay attention to the sign-up deadline when it is posted.


Some of the most popular are:


Kenting Annual Mass 3km Sea Swim (usually held in April)
Can be a bit choppy, but it’s not a race just enjoy the swim and the scenery in Taiwan’s best beach location.

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Sun Moon Lake Annual Swim 3.3km (with approx’ 15,000 participants the largest mass swim in the world) usually held in August.

There are several running races held around the island that we usually take part in, most are full and half marathons, but you will also find 12km, 10km and 5km fun runs. Below you will find a list of the most popular ones:

Taroko Gorge International Marathon (Hualien): the only marathon in the world that is held in a gorge. There are 3 distances, 42km 21km and 5km fun run. Always held in November, this is one of the most popular events on the island and the only day that the gorge is closed to traffic.
Not an easy race, there’s a 400m altitude gain, all the way up the gorge and then back down. Take your camera, the scenery is spectacular.

Taipei International Marathon (always held in December, this is the biggest race in Taiwan)

Tainan International Marathon (following a course which takes in several historic buildings around Taiwan’s ancient capital, held in February)

Kaohsiung Shi Tz Wan Marathon (as this is in Blue Skies home city we always get a good crowd, the course is hilly, lots of ups and downs along the west coast, held in January)

Tseng Wen Reservoir Marathon (nice course in the countryside of Tainan County, in December)


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Bicycle Races

Again there are plenty of races around the island, but we tend to focus on the ones in the south. With a recent boom in the popularity of cycling in Taiwan the number of races and activities dedicated to cycling is growing, you will find a few of them below with a brief description. To encourage more people to participate they are divided into two groups, race and challenge, held on the same day. The latter allows you to take your time and just enjoy the ride.

This is a series of long slow distance (LSD) rides which are held all over the island. There are 4 distances 200km, 300km, 400km and 600km. You must complete your 200km ride within a certain time to qualify for the next distance, 300km and so on.

Da Peng Wan – Bei Da Wu Mt.
This 92km race goes south along the west coast before cutting inland with an approx’ 15km climb up to 800m. (February)

Shwei Ii - Tata Ka (Jia)
This 72km race starts at an altitude of approx’ 300m and is all up hill ending at the foot of Jade Mt. (2,600m) (May)

Pu li – Wu Ling
This race is aptly nicknamed the ‘iron bum’. Starting at an altitude of approx’ 600m this 55km race takes you up the highest road in Taiwan ending at Wu Ling, 3,275m. (Aug/Sep)


Increasingly popular in Taiwan there are several races, mostly Olympic distance, with only two regular half-ironmans  Below you will find a list of the races, the distance and the time of year that they are held. There are other races, but we haven’t got around to doing them yet, when we do we’ll post them.

Kenting – Half ironman, April
Hualien – Olympic, May
Bao lai – Rafting triathlon (raft, run, bike 20 or 60km) June
Sun Moon Lake – Olympic, July
Tai tung – Half ironman and Olympic, October
Kaohsiung – Olympic, November