Blue Skies Adventures


For all of our trips you will need your own personal gear. Camping gear is provided and if necessary you can rent some things. All meals are provided and included in the price unless otherwise stated. Although we have tried to grade the trips to all levels of fitness you should be honest with us and yourself about what you are capable of or you could find yourself in a situation where you are hours or days away from medical attention.


A disclaimer must be signed by all persons before embarking on a trip. Insurance is provided, but you should have your own personal insurance policy. All persons residing in Taiwan are covered by the National Health Insurance scheme, but this does not apply to those on short term visits.


We have trips to suit all budgets with one day excursions for as little as NT$1,000. Weekend trips including meals, transport, guide etc. start at NT$3,000 for groups of six persons. Private trips can be arranged if we are given sufficient notice. For weekend or longer trips a 50% deposit must be paid one month before departure with the remainder paid two weeks before the scheduled date of the trip.


All trips originate from Kaohsiung in the south of Taiwan. If you are coming from any other part of the island you should make your own travel arrangements to arrive in Kaohsiung on or before the date of departure. If you are coming from overseas we can help you with this. It takes 90 minutes to travel from Taipei to Kaohsiung on the express high speed rail (THSR).


For competitions pay attention to the deadline, no applications will be accepted after that date.