Blue Skies Adventures

Our Regular Trips: The trips are from 2 to 14 days


Jade Mountain: Category 3-4


Jade Mountain is Taiwan’s highest peak and there are a total of eight peaks in the range. A five-day trip would allow you to climb all eight. Generally we do this as a two-day weekend trip leaving Kaohsiung at 10pm on a Friday night, camp at the trail head (2,600m) which allows for acclimatization, then on Saturday morning hike 8.5km to Pai Yun Lodge (3,400m) Spend the second night at the lodge before attempting the 2.5km ascent to the main peak (3,952m) for sun rise. Then, all the way down the mountain and back to Kaohsiung for dinner in the evening.
The front, west and north peaks are also possible to squeeze into a two-day trip
A one day ascent is possible for the fit and those with experience at altitude, but we recommend a two-day trip. A five-day trip would allow all of the above plus the east and south peaks.


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Bei Da Wu Mt: Category 4


Syang Yang Mt/ Chia Ming (Meteor Lake) Category 3-4


Guan Mt. Category 3 (two- day) 4 (one – day)


South Three Stars: Category 3


Big Ghost Lake and Small Ghost Lake: Category 4 – 5 (5days)


South First Section (min’ 5 days, Cat’ 4 - 5) and South Second Section (7 days, Cat’ 4 - 5)