Blue Skies Adventures

Our Regular Trips: The trips are from 2 to 14 days


Syang Yang Mt/ Chia Ming (Meteor Lake) Category 3-4


This is an excellent hike with two peaks on the ‘100 List’. Ideally it should be done as a 3-day trip, but two long days is possible. On the South Cross-Island Highway the trail head starts at 2,330m for the approx. 7km hike to Syang Yang Mt., 3,602m. From there it’s another 7km to Chia Ming Lake with San Cha Mt., 3,496 to be peaked on the way. The lake is only 20 minutes away and we’ll set up camp for the night. If that sounds like more than you can handle it’s also possible to camp at the half-way point and then trek to the lake with day backs.




Jade Mountain: Category 3-4


Bei Da Wu Mt: Category 4


Guan Mt. Category 3 (two- day) 4 (one – day)


South Three Stars: Category 3


Big Ghost Lake and Small Ghost Lake: Category 4 – 5 (5days)


South First Section (min’ 5 days, Cat’ 4 - 5) and South Second Section (7 days, Cat’ 4 - 5)