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Our Regular Trips: The trips are from 2 to 14 days


South Three Stars: Category 3


Ta Kuan Shan, 3,222m, Ku Ha Nuo Shin Shan, 3,115m, Guan Shan Ling, 3,175m These are 3 separate peaks and all are on the “Bai Ye”, the list of Taiwan’s 100 mountains over 3,000m. If you just want to say you have climbed a 3,000m peak without busting your back in the process then this is the trip for you, you only need to carry your day pack and you have the option of taking it easy and climbing just one or all three. Leave at 10pm, camp and sleep for a few hours. Do your first peak, Ta Kuan, on Saturday morning, come down, relax and have lunch before attempting the second, Kuhanuoshin. Spend Saturday night at the camp site and get a good-night sleep before attempting the third peak, Guan Shan Ling in the morning. A thoroughly enjoyable and relatively easy weekend in the mountains will leave you eager to discover more of what Taiwan has to offer.


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Jade Mountain: Category 3-4


Bei Da Wu Mt: Category 4


Syang Yang Mt/ Chia Ming (Meteor Lake) Category 3-4


Guan Mt. Category 3 (two- day) 4 (one – day)


Big Ghost Lake and Small Ghost Lake: Category 4 – 5 (5days)


South First Section (min’ 5 days, Cat’ 4 - 5) and South Second Section (7 days, Cat’ 4 - 5)