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Our Regular Trips: The trips are from 2 to 14 days


Big Ghost Lake and Small Ghost Lake: Category 4 – 5 (5days)


The ghost lakes are sacred locations for the aborigines who believe the souls of the departed reside in the areas surrounding the lakes. Both are located in the Ta Wu Mountain Range on the boarder of Kaohsiung and Taitung Counties. Five days are needed to access either of the lakes and Big Ghost Lake in particular will be a challenge even for fit climbers. At present there is only one way in and out to both lakes which allows for a food drop off on the first day, but heavy loading, (approx’ 25kg per person) is still required. Access to Small Ghost Lake requires a long hike of approx’ 35km each way and is mostly flat. On both trips the object is to hike in for two days, spend a day at the lake before making the two-day return journey on the same trail. And, of course, we will go looking for wildlife along the way. Although one has not been spotted in over 20 years the clouded leopard once roamed these parts.


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Jade Mountain: Category 3-4


Bei Da Wu Mt: Category 4


Syang Yang Mt/ Chia Ming (Meteor Lake) Category 3-4


Guan Mt. Category 3 (two- day) 4 (one – day)


South Three Stars: Category 3


South First Section (min’ 5 days, Cat’ 4 - 5) and South Second Section (7 days, Cat’ 4 - 5)