Blue Skies Adventures

Our Regular Trips: The trips are from 2 to 14 days


South First Section (min’ 5 days, Cat’ 4 - 5)and South Second Section (7 days, Cat’ 4 - 5)


The ‘Spine’ as Taiwan’s central mountain is known can be broken up into six sections. It would take 40 – 50 days to complete in one go, but who has the time and money for that?
The best way to tackle this feat of epic proportions is to break it up into several shorter trips:


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Jade Mountain: Category 3-4


Bei Da Wu Mt: Category 4


Syang Yang Mt/ Chia Ming (Meteor Lake) Category 3-4


Guan Mt. Category 3 (two- day) 4 (one – day)


South Three Stars: Category 3


Big Ghost Lake and Small Ghost Lake: Category 4 – 5 (5days)