Blue Skies Adventures

Bicycle: Category 1-5

North Cross-Island Highway:

(Bei Heng) Distance 150km, Altitude 1,700m, Min’ time 1 Day Cat’ 4, 2 Days Cat’ 3


The North Cross-Island Highway (No. 7) is the easiest of the three main cross-island roads and is better done over two days with a side trip to La la Shan Ancient Forest Park (this side trip to La la Shan is a 30km round trip with a steep climb of 900m, if the ride up is too strenuous for you it is possible to take a taxi from Ba Ling). This ride is the best for tourist attractions e.g. waterfalls, parks, historic towns and buildings. Extending the trip to 3 days would allow you to include all of the above. The two main options on the North Cross-Island are Tao Yuan to Ilan (150km), this one is straight across the island. Second, Tao Yuan to Taipei, add one day and 86km. It can also be done as a loop from Taipei which only adds 30 – 40km.


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