Blue Skies Adventures

Bicycle: Category 1-5

North Coast Loop:

400km Min’ time 3 Days (4 Days recommended) Category 3 - 4


Start in Taipei, approx’ 30km to Tao Yuan, follow the North Cross-Island Highway with an overnight in Ba ling. On the second day you have the option to visit La la Shan and Ming Chr forest recreation parks which are famous for their ancient, giant cypress forests, before continuing on to Ilan. Day 3,(100km) from Ilan use the coast road, No. 2, to Keelung with a side trip to Bi tou Cape, this is  the most spectacular coastal road in Taiwan with some great photo’ ops’. Day 4, (115km) continue along the north coast visiting Ye liu, renowned for its unusual rock formations and Dan shui port on the north-west coast, which has numerous historic sites, before returning to Taipei.  


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