Blue Skies Adventures


We call this property the "Viewland" which is standard and comfortable accommodation. Its location is in the Bu Lau hot springs area on the east side of the valley directly below Mei Luan Shan at 1,350 m. It`s classed as "Scenic Area" which is 1 level below National Park status. Its river property, I think aptly named because of its situation right above the river.  There are 4 sleeping areas, all with ceiling fans which can accommodate 20 people. Camping is also available if full and we have 3 tents. At an altitude of 500m it is comfortable to camp even in summertime. There is a large, fully equipped kitchen, 5 showers and toilets with hot and cold water, a wooden deck with lights, swimming pool and kids’ pool. Walking access directly to the Launungshi River, pretty garden with fruit, coffee, bing lang and palm trees. Very quiet and secluded with nearest neighbor being 200 metres away with the exception of a few flying squirrels who are squatting in nearby trees. Hot springs available 500 metres down the road.


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